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Omniathlete is a performance concept and leading service provision brand for teams and individual athletes.

Driven by Antonio Robustelli, it provides the most advanced support and consulting service for sports performance, strength & conditioning, athletic development, injury prevention and recovery management.

The philosophy and methodology behind Omniathlete Performance Concept is based upon an unique biometric approach in which all the parameters related to neuromuscular system, biomechanics, biochemistry and psycho-physiology are measured and monitored in order to build resilient athletes who perform better and stay injury-free.

We are leaders in the use of applied technology in sport through the complex data integration between functional and performance testing: we do not believe in the single best and magical "metric" to monitor an athlete functional state, this is why we integrate various technologies together to connect the dots of the complexity of an human being. We offer our knowledge and experience. 

We work worldwide with individual athletes and professional teams in various disciplines (soccer, athletics, basketball, volleyball, rugby, baseball, cycling, swimming, boxing, weightlifting, archery etc).   

Our Omniathlete Performance Concept Lab is located in Salerno (Italy), near the Amalfi Coast: it is equipped with the most advanced technologies and it's being visited by athletes from every part of the world.

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