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Foot pressure mapping is a method of measuring pressures on the surface of the foot during standing or walking. Static and dynamic baropodometric analysis are performed on a baropodometric platform, through which the pressure exerted by the feet from standstill and during walking is being measured.

Then a complete biomechanical analysis is performed.

Foot pressure mapping, also known as Baropodometry, is the state-of-the-art technique for biomechanical analysis and for the evaluation of mechanical function of the foot/ankle complex, hips, lower extremities, gait and whole body symmetry and synchrony.


We use high-end technologies (pressure platforms and sensorized insoles) to analyse foot pressure in static and dynamic positions: our experience and expertise allow us to assess limbs load simmetry, gait, running, movement mechanics and sport-specific kinematic patterns.

- Foot/ankle function

- Hip function

- Body load shifting

- Static body symmetry

- SI joint mobility

- Body neuromechanics

- Lower kinetic chain fatigue

- Ankle propulsion

- CoM/CoF displacement



Contact us for info and booking, we are able to offer the perfect solution for screening your team and athletes.

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