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Antonio Robustelli, MSc CSCS

International Sports Performance Consultant

Applied Sport Scientist/Technologist

Strength & Conditioning Specialist/Coach


Antonio Robustelli is the mastermind behind the Omniathlete Performance Concept.

He is a professional sports performance consultant and elite coach from Italy: his area of expertise includes injury prevention, sports technology, strength training programming, speed development, recovery monitoring and return to play assessment. He works worldwide since 16 years with semi-professionals, professionals and Olympic athletes as well as professional teams in various disciplines (football, athletics, basketball, rugby, cycling, weightlifting, volleyball, swimming, martial arts, waterpolo, tennis, archery etc.). He is one of the leading experts in sports technology and one of the most requested sports performance consultant in the world because of his unique work with advanced technologies for athlete's assessment and testing (infrared thermography, tensiomyography, foot pressure mapping, myotonometry, EMG and neurofeedback) for injury prevention and performance improvement.

He's the Senior Director of Performance Science and Certification Manager at the AESA (Asian Exercise and Sport Science Association) as well as a Guest Lecturer in Performance Science and Sports Technology at Setanta College in Ireland ( and at several Institutes and Universities worldwide.

Regularly invited as a Keynote Speaker to hold lectures during international conferences in Sports Science and Strength & Conditioning: in the last years he has been invited by the Firat University in Elazig (Turkey), the Manipal University in Jaipur (India), the Alexandria University in Alexandria (Egypt), the Shomal University in Amol (Iran), the National Sports Academy "Vasil Levski" in Sofia (Bulgaria), the Nisantasi University in Istanbul and the Anadolu University in Eskisehir (Turkey).

He has written and co-authored articles for several magazines including the british Athletics Weekly, the world's n. 1 magazine for track & field. Currently he is consultant for Olympians and for First Division football and basketball teams in Europe, Asia and USA.

As a strength & conditioning specialist, Antonio has coached hundreds of individual athletes in different sports competing at Olympic Games, European Championships and World Championships.

As a performance consultant he is consulting with individual athletes, Federations and professional teams (football, basketball, rugby) in Europe, Asia and USA. 

Furthermore he cooperates with high-end tech companies worldwide for research and development of new technologies in the field of sports performance training and monitoring.

His main areas of interest and research are: eccentric overload and overspeed training, autonomic nervous system, foot biomechanics, load absorption monitoring technologies.


He is serving as an Editorial Advisory Board Member for the USA magazine Lower Extremity Review, the most authoritative magazine for lower extremity biomechanics, sports medicine and rehabilitation.

Mobile: (+39) 393 434 6930

Skype: antonio_robustelli

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