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We provide professional consulting to individual athletes worldwide in every sport (athletics, soccer, tennis, cycling, basketball, rugby, volleyball, swimming, martial arts, boxe, weightlifting, archery), ranging from Olympians and professionals to semi-pro and amateurs.

If you are an athlete, either a professional or not, aiming to improve physical condition, prevent injuries, maximise recovery and/or solve performance problems, you can reach out to us to find the best way to work together.

Antonio Robustelli is available for professional consulting in Italy at our LAB and/or directly at your location for the following services:

  • speed development consulting

  • strength & power development consulting

  • endurance performance consulting

  • general sport performance consulting

  • sport science support

  • recovery optimization

  • private/personal coaching

  • injury prevention and neuromuscular check up (infrared thermography, tensiomyography, myotonometry, foot pressure mapping, gait/running analysis, posturography, neurofeedback)

Athlete Consulting

Contact us for info and book your own consultation.

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